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Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 12.24.25 PM.png

by: Saki Knafo

"Second-generation Yemeni entrepreneurs in Brooklyn want to reclaim their role as the purveyors of the original specialty coffee.

Hakim Sulaimani remembers exactly where he was when he first heard that his homeland, the poorest country in the Middle East, had invented one of the most popular drinks in the world..."

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 12.24.52 PM.png

by: Pelin Keskin

"It’s pretty common today for coffee to be treated as much as a specialist’s realm as wine — with regional demarcations and geological tasting notes — but in New York, while Ethiopian and Brazilian are commonly cited, Yemeni coffee isn’t as popular even to coffee enthusiasts, let alone the mainstream coffee-drinker. Most people know it for famously costing as much as $16 a cup..."

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